The Sustainability Pledge

I will commit to the pursuit of sustainability by adopting a lifestyle which seeks to minimize negative environmental impacts as much as possible in all areas of my life. And, by extension, I will continue to refine my actions, educate myself, and remind myself and others about the importance of reducing our environmental impact as individuals. Therefore, I agree to pursue each of the following actions to the best of my ability.

  1. I will choose the most environmentally friendly mode of daily transportation
  2. I will minimize air travel
  3. I will adopt a plant-based diet
  4. I will consider having fewer biological children
  5. I will reject excessive consumerism
  6. I will make my home and work areas as eco-friendly as possible
  7. I will reject environmentally harmful products, services, and industries
  8. I will participate in my community and government in developing sustainable policies



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